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Apr 25th, 2000 - v1.3.0pre4 released

One last pre-release before the final of 1.3.0. Click here for a detailed list of changes.

Apr 25th, 2000 - v1.2.1 released

This is a bug-fix only release. Click here for a detailed list of changes.

Apr 18th, 2000 - v1.3.0pre3 released

This is hopefully the last beta release before the final version. This version only has a few minor improvements, including: saving preferences is dramatically faster now; options for placing the username and hostname in the window title; and an attempt at providing wheeled mouse support. Click here for a detailed list of changes.

Apr 3rd, 2000 - v1.3.0pre2 released

This is another beta release. Improvements include using the GNOME properties box, libglade for a lot of the dialogs, some cleanup of the search/replace code, GNOME help files, and a number of small bug fixes. Click here for a detailed list of changes.

Mar 23rd, 2000 - v1.3.0pre1 released

This is a beta release of the next version. New features include session management and user configurable undo levels. Other improvments include updated translations, using popt/getopt to parse command line options, and a number of bug fixes. Click here for a list of changes.

Feb 29th, 2000 - v1.2.0 FINAL released!

After a lengthy development period, the final version of v1.2.0 has been released. The major highlights of this release include new features, enhanced HTML editing capabilities, lots of small bug fixes aimed at improving stability, and internationalization (Danish, French, and Japanese translations).

For a detailed list of changes since the previous version (1.1.4), click here.

Feb 16th, 2000 - v1.2.0pre5 released

Hopefully, this is the last pre release before the final version of 1.2.0 is released!  Changes in this version include:


Fixes: Misc changes (let's keep things simple): Since we are very close to finishing v1.2.0, please test this as thoroughly as you can!

Dec 13th, 1999 - gnotepad mailing list now available

At long last, there is a mailing list for gnotepad. Please see below on how to subscribe.

Dec 13th, 1999 - v1.2.0pre4 released

This is another bug fix release with a few new features.  Changes include:

New features:

Improvements: Fixes:

Nov 4th, 1999 - v1.2.0pre3 released

This is mostly a bug fix release along with a couple of new features.  Changes include:

New features:

Improvements: Fixes:

Oct 7th, 1999 - v1.2.0pre2 released

This version is basically a bug fix over 1.2.0pre1. From the ChangeLog:



Oct 7th, 1999 - new email address

Note that I have a new email address. I apologize to everyone who tried to send email to my previous address and the message bounced.

July 21st, 1999 - v1.2.0pre1 released

Please note that this is NOT the final release for v1.2.0.  There have been lots of changes since v1.1.4, and invariably, there will probably be bugs.  Consider this a beta release!  Expect several more beta versions to follow as bugs get reported and fixed.

New features:

Improvements: Bug fixes:

July 21st, 1999 - gnotepad+ Help Documentation/Manual released

A manual for gnotepad+ is now available.  It is available in HTML, and contains a lot of images/screenshots, so be warned.  See the download section below on how to get it.

May 6th, 1999 - v1.1.4 released

May 6th, 1999 - development is slowing down.

Mar 20, 1999 - v1.1.3 released

Mar 10, 1999 - v1.1.2 released (the glaring bug fix version)

Mar 8, 1999 - misc notes

Mar 7, 1999 - v1.1.1 released.

Feb 18, 1999 - v1.1.0 released.

there are lots of changes since the previous version (1.0.8).  this includes:

Jan 27, 1999 - Redhat packages available (in two places?!)

Jan 21, 1999 - v1.0.8 released.  Highlights:

Jan 21, 1999 - in need of Redhat packages and a better looking homepage

Jan 6, 1999 - v1.0.7 released.

Dec 15, 1998 - v1.0.6 released.  Highlights:

Nov 25, 1998 - v1.0.5 released.  Highlights:

Nov 22, 1998 - v1.0.4 released.  Highlights:

Nov 15, 1998 - v1.0.3 released.  Highlights:

Oct 18, 1998 - v1.0.2 released.  Highlights:

Oct 12, 1998 - v1.0.1 released.  Highlights:

Oct 09, 1998 - v1.0 released.

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