About gnotepad+

What is gnotepad+?

Welcome to gnotepad+.  gnotepad+ is an easy-to-use, yet fairly feature-rich, simple HTML and text editor for Unix based systems running X11 and using GTK (the Gimp ToolKit) and/or GNOME. gnotepad+ was designed to have as little bloat as possible, while still providing many of the common features found in a modern GUI-based text editor.  It is still fairly light-weight, especially for the features it offers, and aims to remain that way.

The "+" in gnotepad+ is there to differentiate it from other GTK-based text editors which may call themselves "gnotepad".  Additionally, gnotepad+ is not intended to be fancy, so it leverages its text editing capabilities on the GTK Text Widget.  Hence, if you are looking for a programmers's editor, look for another text editor or help improve the GTK Text Widget.

gnotepad+ is free software (also called open source) developed and distributed under the (GNU) General Public License.



To use gnotepad+, you need the following:


gnotepad+ is written and maintained by Andy Kahn.

Numerous other people have generously contributed to gnotepad+ development with code patches, bug fixes, bug reports, and testing. They are listed throughout the ChangeLog file found in the source archive.

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